How To: Getting to accept ‘Command-Return’ as a Shortcut for Sending Mail

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So I’ve recently acquired a shiny new bit of tech from Apple (13″ Air) to play with and I’m in the middle of getting it set just how I like it. You know the score; making sure the terminal is just how I like it instead of that ugly default white, editing PS1 and making some new SSH keys.

Anyways… I have an email based alert system which uses Curl to monitor a website for updates (new work available) and then alerts me if there is a matching position. The system periodically checks the site to make sure I’m one of the first people to hear about these positions.

So what happens when I’m not interested in the job? I need a way of silencing the email. I obviously don’t want to keep getting emails about things (in this case work) I am not interested in. I simply have to reply / send an email back with a specific trigger and the job (through the magic of a postfix transport) will be silenced (Yay for MySQL).

This happened to me today. I quickly created a response to put an end to the disinteresting position and hit Command-Return on my new Mac Air. It abruptly responded with a dull tone. How rude I thought. When I looked at the menu the option to ‘Send’ under the Message section of the menubar was set to something like ‘Command-Shift-D’. That’s just ridiculous though isn’t it?! Why would you want to hit three keys when two will perfectly suffice?!

Custom Keyboard Shortcuts ‘Command-Return’ do not work for under Mountain Lion

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Pushing to Remote Repository from Xcode: no remotes found (Solved)

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When adding remote repositories to your projects in Xcode you might find that you are unable to push to the remote repository depending on how you have set the remote repository up.

In my situation I have set up my own git repository for a few reasons:

  • Because I can
  • To learn more about git
  • To have my projects backed up remotely
  • To have a private solution I control
  • There is no additional cost for the above benefits

I opened Xcode and selected the second option on the welcome splash screen ‘Connect to a repository’ and entered my git server and project details. Xcode kindly created a local version on my hard drive and I was content to code away and make commits as usual.

That was all fine and dandy but I noticed a problem when I wanted to sync with the original ‘remote repository’.

So I was expecting to go:

File > Source Control > Push

and the dialog comes up as expected but it says no remotes found.

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GIT from command line (Xcode Installed)

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If you’ve installed a reasonably recent version of Xcode on your mac then it will have git repository features included but by default you will not be able to use the git from the terminal (command line).

Xcode will place git here:


To be able to use git from the command line then you need to add this directory to your PATH variable.
You will need to open the terminal and edit your bash profile (or whatever shell you’re using’s profile).

Add the following statement to your .bash_profile and save it…

export PATH=”/Applications/”:$PATH

You will need to open a new tab in the terminal or quit and re-open the terminal in order for the change to take effect. Alternatively you can use the following command…

user $ source ./bash_profile

Now you will be able to use git commands in any terminal window.

Credit where credit is due this information was adapted from git-from-command-line-after-installing-xcode-on-os-x-lion.


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hdiutil makehybrid -udf -udf-volume-name NameOfYourDVDHere -o ImageFileName.iso /path/to/VIDEO_TS/parent/folder

WordPress App for iPad

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So I just downloaded the WordPress app for my iPad and I’m really impressed with it. I previously thought that it was only for WordPress hosted sites but that isn’t the case. You can use it if you host the site yourself like I do.

It has all the main things you’d want from an app like this. You can view your existing posts and pages as well as view comments and if you have the stats plugin then you can even view some of them on there too.

In fact to test it out I’m using the app to write this post now. It seems to work well. It there are a couple of things to note.

  • You’re not going to want to type long posts on your iPad because it’s just not great for that and could cause some serious RSI issues.
  • The comments section will tell you which post a comment was made about but there’s no link to that post or page which I think is an obvious shortcoming as you might not remember the content to which the comment refers from just the title of the post.

Apart from that though then yeah this seems like quite a useful app to have.

Distress on Campus

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I just dreamt I was at a university campus with my brother. The campus was quite green and grassy with a gentle slope. There were lots of large buildings fairly close to each other which made the space at the same time feel very open but reasonably small at the same time even though in fact it was a very spacious campus.

We both had separate rooms in separate buildings and had arranged to meet for an unspecified social activity most likely to the cinema or perhaps for food it is unclear exactly what.I had gone back to mine to change quickly before meeting up. For an unknown reason there was a mix up with keys.

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HMRC Accounts for Bill Payments

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Microbooks iPhone BSL Dictionary Feedback

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My name is NAME and I recently purchased your reference dictionary of British sign language iPhone application. When I select a word in your dictionary the video starts playing, however, it plays fairly quickly and then plays the next video, then the next, also the fourth and so on.

I was wondering if there was a way to stop the application automatically moving on to the next video? I appreciate that my visual perception skills will increase with practice, however, I simply find it too much too quickly to try and appreciate the vast number of signs also it doesn’t give me the opportunity to practice them. I am aware of the feature to replay videos but that doesn’t really allow me to practice the signs at my own pace. I would have to set the replay value to some arbitrarily high value in order to practice a couple of times before being forced onto a new sign I may not of chosen in a given category for example ceremony or circumcise in the family section when the new class I attend has only been practicing immediate family members so far.

Ideally I would prefer to be able to manually choose when the application progresses to another video. I.e. have buttons for replay or next video after the current video has finished (similar to how youtube works). As I mentioned earlier the videos can seem fairly fast to a newcomer to the language such as myself I suggest it would be helpful if there were an option to slow down the videos somehow but this seems a very minor point in comparison to the automatic play issue.

I do think it is a very good application and I chose to pay the fee, which although fair was not inconsiderable. I do, however, feel that the points I have mentioned above have so far given me a disappointing experience of your application and make it quite difficult to use the dictionary. I will look forward to your response and do hope my comments have been supportive and constructive.

Kind Regards,

How To Fix: Open Flash Chart, IE & SSL Not Working

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//Headers Required for SSL in IE
header(“Cache-Control: cache, must-revalidate”);
header(“Pragma: public”);


Normally I don’t bother with making sure my projects are Internet Explorer compliant but the Open Flash Charts are just so pretty, and it’s not that difficult to fix, I felt I had to make sure they displayed correctly.

One Line PERL Find / Replace

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perl -pi -e ‘s/find/replace/g’

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